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Steak & Salmon Dinner Cruise

Veteran, Active Military, or First Responder
Active Clergy and Missionaries

Steak & Salmon Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a picturesque cruise on Lake Hickory with live music and a delicious chef-prepared meal including bourbon glazed grilled Atlantic salmon and marinated beef kabob, accompanied by asparagus bundles and roasted red skin potatoes. The meal also includes a mixed greens salad, a dessert spoon, tea, water & lemonade.

Entertainment during the cruises includes live music, sightseeing, relaxing, and socializing.


You may choose your own seating and move freely around the yacht to enjoy comfortable heated/air-conditioned seating on the main deck, fire-side seating (winter months) or shaded seating (summer months) on the rooftop party-deck, open-sky seating on the sunset deck, or water-washed seating on the barefoot deck. The yacht is equipped with two bathrooms for passenger convenience.

Dress Code

Dress is dinner casual and should be adjusted based on seasonality. Low, stable shoes are recommended due to stairs and movement of the yacht. Summer cruises are warm outside. Winter cruises are cold outside but heated indoors. Spring and Fall cruises tend to be warm while the sun is up and cool at night. Dress accordingly so that you will be comfortable.


Please note that the construction and nature of boarding the yacht requires passengers be able to negotiate narrow stairways (24″ wide), low doorways, step ups, step downs, and the normal rocking motion of the boat due to wakes and shifts in weight. We are pleased to provide personal assistance to anyone willing to board, but all passengers do so at their own risk.